Exercise before the workshop

Hello everyone,
We are very excited to meet you all, and share stories from each country. The topic for the workshop is, as you already know, “Transnationality/having family abroad”
We want to ask you to do a small exercise before we begin the workshop on Monday:

The exercise is to write a short story answering one of the two questions below. You can write around 250-350 words, and it can be a written as small anecdote, experience, poem or song.

Please pick one of the following questions and answer them:

A) How do you feel about having a family in another country? Tell a situation/story where you describe how it is/was (a funny/sad/serious/emotional experience you have had)?

B) Can you describe a situation where Skype did connect you closer to a friend og family?

Remember to bring images, photos, videoclips from your family/friends album, holiday or home country. Bring them on a USB, your digital camera or bring them as normal photo and we can scan them. See the full list of things to remember here

My family on Skype

Now there is only one more month to go before we meet at the Grundtvig workshop in Copenhagen. We look very much forward to meeting you all and we are sure it is going to be an interesting week with a lot of great experiences for all of us.


We made this blog where you will find all the practical information about the workshop. Please leave a comment if you have further questions that might be in the interest of the other participants. You can also write comments or questions to each other and to us in the facebook group or you can send us an email.
In the horizontal menu at the top of this blog you will find information about accommodation, about the other participants and about the progamme. We are still sorting out the last few details of the programme, but will upload it to this blog as soon as it is ready.

Location of the workshop:
The workshop will take place at our office, which shares location with Aalborg University:


The two dots on the map below show:
1) Danhostel where you are going to stay
2) Our office where the workshop will take place